SEQUIM – Sequim resident Richard Rogers is recently home from filming a new TV series called “Castaways” that began airing Tuesday on ABC.

Rogers was literally stranded alone on an island in Indonesia to fend for himself and deal with the challenges of survival and loneliness, without the benefit of knowing where the other 11 contestants were or how long he’d be there.

Unlike some reality shows, there was no prize up for grabs on Castaways. It’s more like an experiment to see the effects of isolation and to what lengths people will go to mitigate that.

Producers of the show told us we couldn’t ask Rogers how long he lasted on the island, but he gave us an idea of his strategy after being dropped off.

Castaways’ first episode aired Tuesday at 10:00 pm, but if you missed it, it’s available ‘on demand’ at ABC’s website and on Hulu.

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