PORT ANGELES – The local marijuana company North Coast Concentrates has had their license suspended and all product seized by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

They’re accused of selling their products on the black market after a Lower Elwha police officer, during a traffic stop in September, discovered a company employee had 112 grams of traceable marijuana concentrates, plus three large jars and a large tote bin of untraced marijuana buds. The products were not manifested in the state traceability system.

Seized text messages from the employee’s cellphone indicated that the company was aware of both the diversion and selling of product on the black market. While executing the suspension orders, officers seized 556 pounds of dried marijuana, 24 pounds of marijuana oil and 204 plants from the grow operation at 52433 Highway 112, and a storefront used for processing at 2933 E. Highway 101, both in Port Angeles area.

The Liquor and Cannabis Board issued two emergency license suspensions on Friday, November 2, effective for 180 days. During that time the Board will seek permanent revocation of the licenses. The agency issued one emergency suspension in 2017, and so far six in 2018.


4 thoughts on “Local marijuana biz shut down by Cannabis Board

  1. Dang didn’t even know there was a growoperation out here on Highway 112. Sure would be nice to know what is happening in our own Neighborhoods. Keep it legal, how hard is that to do?

  2. And the public and press worldwide think cannabis is legal in Washington State. How hard is it to define the word legal? It was illegal fifty years ago, I remember. It was illegal, that cannabis sativa stuff, until Michael Metzger, RIP, defended someone with hash from Afghanistan, a cannabis indica. So the law was changed to include anything sounding like weed including all the racially derogatory terms like “marijuana and black.” Then came the Initiative by the People 502, the so-called legalization vote. I-502 added 502 other ways to describe cannabis (il)legality. Then our reps on their own passed the Second Senate Bill 5052, the “Patients Protection Act” (sic) adding 5052 more ways for cannabis to be illegal. I am not saying you peninsula folks are stupid, I’m a local, but I beg you to read http://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2015-16/Pdf/Bills/Senate%20Bills/5052.pdf stuff. Is she pregnant? Shouldn’t be too hard to say yes or no. And don’t support the government’s franchised stores that use your money to keep it illegal in WA.

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