BREMERTON – A couple welcomed a new baby boy into the world alongside a busy highway Friday morning near Bremerton, aided by quick-acting state troopers and medics who came to their rescue.

The drama unfolded along Highway 3 in Gorst, about two miles west of Bremerton.

The baby’s parents were driving to the hospital as the mother went into labor, but they soon realized that the birth might happen before they could get there.

The couple called 911, and dispatchers convinced them to pull over to the side of the highway. Troopers and medics quickly arrived, and within 10 minutes a healthy baby boy was born.

The parents and newborn child then continued on their way to the hospital.

The responding troopers later stopped by to check on the threesome and Trooper Chelsea Hodgson says she’s happy to report mom, dad and the new baby are doing great.