PORT ANGELES – Local officials have formed a task force to deal with the area’s rising suicide rate.

Over the past three years, Clallam County has seen a continued spike above its traditional average number of suicides. Last year, there were 31.

County health officer Dr. Allison Unthank says she’s bringing a group of agencies, first-responders and health officials together to mount a response.

Olympic Medical Center chief of physicians, Dr. Joshua Jones, says local practitioners are now taking a more proactive approach in engaging patients about depression and suicidal thoughts.

The task force has not yet set a formal meeting date. Unthank says she hopes that will happen in the next few weeks.


5 thoughts on “County and Medical Health officials forming suicide task force

  1. I look forward to learning more about this and see how it might integrate with the new Hope Squad program at Crescent School.

      • I am too hopefully they involve some of us “regular” people….i am a suicide prevention advocate and have spoke at county commissioner meetings and town hall meetings with other representatives as well as emailing,signing petitions online etc

  2. From personal experience I learned you can’t get real help for a family member from a suicide note. You can take them to the ER during their mental breakdown but the state government won’t admit people into a mental hospital program until they attempt suicide first.

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