PORT ANGELES – Plans for a new hotel in downtown Port Angeles are still on track.

Officials with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe have also hired a manager for their new hotel on the waterfront.

Former Port Angeles Red Lion hotel manager Robert Utz has been brought on, and is already helping with design for the hotel between Front street and Railroad Avenue near Laurel Street.

Utz, who left the local Red Lion soon after it was sold last year, was introduced as the tribal hotel’s GM at a meeting of the Port Angeles Business Association Tuesday morning…

The tribe’s enterprise CEO Michael Peters says they are in the process of getting permits. He said once in place, the 24-million-dollar hotel could be finished 18 months after that.

Peters pointed to a new partnership forming between the tribe’s project and the proposed Waterfront Arts Center Project as well as a proposed housing, retail and parking facility about a block away on the waterfront.

Peters told the PABA funding is in place to cover the cost of the hotel’s construction. The tribe has hired PNE out of Longview as the contractor.

The tribe bought the property late last year from the city of Port Angeles. The property is contaminated with petroleum pollution from former uses. Peters say it will take about two months to clean that up before actual construction begins on what he says will be a 100-room, 3 or 4-diamond-quality hotel.

7 thoughts on “Lower Elwha Tribe announces hotel plans

  1. I think it’s a disatrous hunk of an eyesore. I enjoy this town for the vintage one of a kind charm. This hotel makes me sick. It isn’t needed and it will look hideously modern. I’ll never patronize that bohemouth.

  2. How does the city and tribe plan on mitigate the disruption to downtown businesses. We have had several years of work done on Front st.. People avoid this area and turn on Lincoln st,. Last year was the first year in many that no work was done and it was everybody’s best year for sales. Signs
    That say businesses our open don’t really help.
    Maybe talking to us would be nice, no one has talked to us. And going to a meeting somewhere it always easy.

  3. I hope that someone will start thinking about roads and other infrastructure. With this and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe hotel in Sequim, traffic into and out of the area is bound to increase. Traffic on the two lane Hwy 101 (and 104, 3) is already a problem!

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