The late Paul Allen’s sea exploration venture has found another World War II aircraft carrier, his investment company Vulcan Inc. announced Wednesday.

On January 14, crew on board the Petrel discovered the USS Wasp, which sank in the Coral Sea off the northeastern coast of Australia over 75 years ago.

Researchers found the aircraft carrier nearly 14,000 feet below the surface.

The USS Wasp sunk on September 15, 1942 by four Japanese torpedoes while escorting reinforcements to Guadalcanal.

Of the 2,162 people on board, 176 were killed.

So far the R/V Petrel has located 23 long-lost military vessels. That includes the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier that was found in January in the South Pacific over 17,700 feet deep, and the USS Indianapolis, a heavy cruiser that was discovered in 2017 in the North Pacific over 18,000 feet deep.