TAMPA, Fla. – For the second straight spring training, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson visited Yankees camp on Friday and was issued a uniform (No. 73) and worked out with the club.

But this year, Wilson doesn’t expect to get an at-bat in a spring training game because his visit is only for two days.

The Yankees acquired Wilson from the Texas Rangers last February. Wilson, a one-time second baseman who played in 93 minor-league games in the Colorado system from 2010 to 2011 before becoming a Seahawk, was in Yankees camp for a week last year and struck out in his only at-bat.

And speaking of baseball…Ichiro Suzuki and the Mariners have arrived in Tokyo, a sure sign the Major League Baseball season is only days away from starting.

The Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics arrived within hours of each other on Friday on charter flights from the United States. They play on Wednesday and Thursday at the Tokyo Dome in the first two games of the 2019 season.

Ichiro is likely to play both games. After that it’s unclear if he will make the Mariners team, retire, or do something else.