OLYMPIA — Washington state sued the Navy on Tuesday over its expansion of jet operations on Whidbey Island, with Attorney General Bob Ferguson saying officials failed to adequately consider the effect that additional noisy flights would have on people and wildlife.

The Navy’s public affairs office said it does not comment on litigation.

The Navy in March authorized the expansion of its Growler program by up to three dozen jets, that’s in addition to the 82 already based on Whidbey Island.

The National Parks Conservation Association said it supports the lawsuit, noting that the flights could also affect Olympic National Park. The association recently filed a lawsuit accusing the Navy of withholding information about noise pollution from the jets over Olympic National Park.

The low-flying jets conduct electronic warfare to jam enemy communications and launch systems, and under the expansion plans crews would perform around 100,000 takeoffs and landings a year for the next three decades.

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