WASHINGTON STATE – Washington State Troopers are targeting emergency and work zones this weekend, looking for drivers who don’t slow down and move over.

In a situation where drivers are be able to move over, they’re must slow down to 10 miles under the posted speed limit.

The law was updated this year to stress slowing down if you can’t move over a lane to give crews in emergency or work zones extra space.

If there is more than one lane in each direction, you are required by law to move over.

The ticket is a painful $214 and cannot be waived or reduced.

Last year, state troopers pulled over more than 4,700 hundred drivers because they didn’t move over or slow down.

It isn’t just patrol cars and fire trucks you have to mover over. The law covers patrol cars, fire trucks, tow trucks, road construction vehicles and utility trucks with flashing lights.

Since 2016, 104 patrol cars have been hit on the side of the road and 27 people have been hurt. The goal this weekend is to cut down those numbers.