What do you think of the idea of having food trucks, Wi-Fi, and even Amazon deliveries in some national park campgrounds?

KIRO News reports the Interior Department is reviewing recommendations to modernize campgrounds across the country, which would allow private businesses to operate on public lands.

The proposal comes from the Outdoor Recreation Advisory Committee.

It calls current park infrastructure inadequate and out-of-date and aims to turn some campsites into contemporary campgrounds by adding amenities such as running water, tent and cabin rentals, food trucks, extended family sites, and Wi-Fi.

The National Park Service said more than 9.2 million people stayed at campgrounds last year. Many of those visitors are younger and more diverse than in the past.

NPS said the plan isn’t to modernize every campground, but to create a “second-century campground experience.”

In the proposal, parks could nominate their own campgrounds to be part of a modernization pilot program. Five to 10 locations could be chosen as soon as Dec. 1.

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