PORT ANGELES – The McKinley Mill on Ediz Hook in Port Angeles is getting closer to re-opening, and on Monday, January 20, they will begin the sometimes-noisy business of the startup process. For long-time residents of Port Angeles, the sound will be a familiar one.

Between 8:00am and 5:00pm, for about six days, residents can expect to hear loud steam blasts as engineers clean out steam pipes. Startup also involves testing all machinery in the production line, as well as conducting environmental compliance tests. It’s all in preparation for an opening date that HR Director Peter Johnson says the company is not yet ready to announce.

As for hiring at the mill, here’s how it works:

WorkSource in Port Angeles has hosted a couple of “hiring events” for McKinley recently, where attendees submitted applications and resumes.

Mill personnel review the candidates and then issue invitations to attend orientation classes at Peninsula College. The next class is coming up on January 28, and others are scheduled for February.

There’s still time to submit a resume to Patrice Varela-daylo at WorkSource, potentially get an invitation to one of the classes, and even a tour of the mill.

“The class where they tour the mill, it’s very very interesting, very intensive. And that kind of work is not for everybody. Not everybody knows what they’re going to be getting into when they’re working in a mill. It was a real eye-opener for me. We have lots and lots and lots of people applying because it’s the, you know, it’s the hot new thing around here, but it’s not a job that everybody is going to be happy with.”

Varela-daylo added that if you need help getting a resume put together, WorkSource can help you with that, too.