Sezeryadigar/iStock(CHICAGO) — Casey Urlacher, the brother of Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher, was among those charged this week in an illegal offshore gambling scheme.

Urlacher and eight others helped supposed ringleader Vincent Delgiudice — also known as “Uncle Mick” — take sports bets and placed them in an illegal sports book based in Costa Rica, prosecutors alleged in a 28 page indictment unsealed in the Northern District of Illinois.

“It was further part of the conspiracy that Vincent Delgiudice used Federal Express to cause the cashier’s checks and money orders to be delivered to the addresses in Costa Rica supplied by Individuals 1 and 2,” the indictment says. “And others who worked for or were associated with Company A.”

Urlacher is also the Mayor of Mettawa, Illinois and prosecutors alleged that he also made bets with Delgiduice, who prosecutors say accepted wagers from as many as 1,000 gamblers.

According to the Justice Department, a “law enforcement search of Delgiudice’s residence in Orland Park seized more than $1.06 million in cash; silver bars and jewelry valued at $347,895; and gold coins valued at $92,623.”

DOJ added, “The indictment seeks forfeiture of these items, as well as Delgiudice’s residence. It also seeks a personal money judgment against Delgiudice of $8 million.”

Bettors, including Urlacher, would send or meet with Delgiudice and pay him in cashier’s checks, before creating a website to further illegally bet on sports games — the website was called “”

One of Deligudice’s co-conspirators, Matthew Knight, once texted a message to Gambler A, which said “Morning Bronco, going through figs, can you please tell Bronco 33 to pay or play, hasn’t played since February down 938.”

In another instance Deliguidice told another co-conspirator “Todd Blaken by phone that he had 1,006 “customers” and had won $100,000, or “about $100 per player.”

A lawyer for Urlacher has not returned ABC News’ request for comment

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