MONROE, Wash. (AP) — Law enforcement agencies responded to the Monroe Corrections Complex to help contain what a Washington State Patrol spokeswoman called a large “disturbance” among the inmates.

Over 100 inmates started a demonstration in the recreation yard at Monroe Prison on Wednesday evening.

The Washington State Patrol reports dozens of inmates started threatening to set fires and possibly take corrections officers hostage.

Fire extinguishers were set off by prisoners within two housing units, giving the appearance of smoke.

Law enforcement arrived at the prison just after 7 p.m. According to the DOC, the inmates ignored verbal warnings to stop. Law enforcement used pepper spray, sting balls, and rubber pellets, at first to no avail.

Eventually, about half of the inmates complied with verbal directives given by the Emergency Response Team, sting balls were used on the rest.

The conflict happened on the same day inmates at the prison’s minimum-security unit were told that additional inmates had tested positive for COVID-19.


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