SEATTLE – (KONP staff) A Seattle judge in US District Court issued a ruling Thursday, rejecting a request from Parler to force Amazon to temporarily restore its hosting services as the court considers 3 claims against Amazon’s web hosting branch, AWS.

Parler claims that Amazon illegally sought to reduce social media competition against Twitter, that they broke their contract by terminating Parler, and that Amazon harmed Parler’s business relationships.

Seattle Judge Barbara Rothstein ruled against all three claims, saying they fell short in demonstrating the need for an injunction forcing it back online.

AWS terminated Parler’s following the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 because of an increase in violent language from users they believe helped stoke the violence.

Parler then filed a lawsuit against Amazon, asking the judge to issue a temporary injunction to force AWS to resume hosting services while the litigation played out.

AWS claimed that it was Parler that breached the contract by allowing restricted content.