University of California Police officers face pro-Palestinian protesters outside Dodd Hall in the University of California Los Angeles in Los Angeles, June 10, 2024. (Etienne Laurent/AFP via Getty Images)

(LOS ANGELES) — About 25 people were arrested Monday night as they attempted to set up a tent encampment on the University of California Los Angeles campus, university police said in a statement.

“The individuals are in the process of being cited, issued 14-day stay away orders from UCLA property, and released,” the UCLA Police Department said. “Approximately 150 protesters remain in the area as of the latest update.”

The arrests follow a series of tense days in late April and early May on the school’s campus, where pro-Palestinian protesters had created a sprawling encampment surrounded by plywood and metal barricades. Counter-protesters had clashed with the group on at least one occasion.

Police from several departments descended on the earlier encampment on May 2, arresting dozens of protesters and dismantling the tents and barricades.

About 100 people marched on Monday afternoon through campus, entering at least one hall and disrupting a final exam, police said.

The group, which was associated with a registered student organization, also set up “unauthorized and unlawful” encampments at several locations around campus. They used “tents, canopies, and barricades with patio furniture,” police said.

University officials asked the group to leave two locations — the Janss Steps and the Kerckhoff patio — and the group complied, police said.

The group had by early evening made their way to the courtyard between Dodd Hall and the School of Law, where they were seen assembling another tent encampment, police said.

“The group restricted access to the general public in violation of University policy and also disrupted nearby final exams,” police said in a statement.

About 25 people were arrested under a California law barring “Willful Disruption of University Operations,” police said.

One additional person had been arrested for interfering with a police officer as the group set up their first encampment, police said. That person was cited and released, police said.

“As a result of the unauthorized and unlawful encampments at the three locations, the group damaged the Shapiro fountain, spray-painted brick walkways, tampered with fire safety equipment, damaged patio furniture, stripped wire from electrical fixtures, and vandalized vehicles,” police said.

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