SHINE – Travelers who use the Hood Canal Bridge between will want to plan additional travel time Monday through Friday over a two-week period beginning this coming Monday, April 15.

The Washington State Department of Transportation bridge preservation crews will conduct an in-depth inspection of the bridge. The inspection requires opening the draw span twice daily for up to an hour. During each draw span opening, the bridge is closed to all traffic.

Crews will close the draw span to traffic around 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day. The exact time could vary depending on work progress.

WSDOT officials said very effort will be made to minimize disruptions to travelers and keep the closures as short as possible. Crews will combine inspection-related openings with marine openings when possible.

The inspections require daylight to see inside tight spaces and get detailed observations on bridge components and operations.

Travelers can get information about the Hood Canal Bridge via Washington State Department of Transportation email alerts, the WSDOT app , Hoodcanalbridge.com, and on the statewide travel map.