KZQM “Z-104.9” FM, Sequim is the newest addition to the Radio Pacific, Inc. family, and features classic gold hits era of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.  You’ll hear the difference is in “The Z”! 


RYDER MICHAELS (3a-7a):  Ryder says honestly, he can’t believe that he’s been in the radio business for over 20 years. It all started when he was 17 and looking for a cool job site for my Career Placement class. Once he stepped foot into the radio station, he was hooked. Ryder fell in love with two things while in high school…radio and a cute cheerleader named Amanda. Luckily neither has kicked him to the curb yet! Over the years Ryder’s had had the privilege of making days a bit better by playing music and telling stories. Also, he and Amanda have given two of the most amazing kids a forever home, and their lives are full!


ALAN CRAIG (7a-Noon): Alan was born in California, “arriving” the same year The Beatles arrived in America!  When he was a kid he used to play Elvis records and pretend to be a DJ. Well, some things never change! Alan loves being a part of your day and playing your favorite songs.  And when he’s not playing radio, you’ll find him playing sports.  Alan’s really really good at yelling ‘Foreeeee!”


Yacht Rock Radio is captained by Adam Ritz. Adam is a 25 year veteran of radio and tv, and a 40 year fan of what we know now as Yacht Rock! The first song he ever played on Yacht Rock Radio was Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. These songs, “take me back to a nostalgia that makes me smile remembering the easy life from 1976 to 1983.’ Adam also hosts The Adam Ritz Show, a nationally syndicated Public Affairs radio show, with recent episodes at The Adam Ritz Show.

TERESA BROWN (Noon-5p): For more than 30 years, Teresa Brown has been heard between the songs on the radio–from Virginia Beach to Las Vegas and some places in between, with husband Jim and three kids. Teresa says “My life is exciting and drama-filled just like yours. Family comes first and then it’s all about having fun.  I love stories that make me laugh, smile, and cry. I’m an awful cook, but I love reading, hiking, and attempting DIY crafts. I waste a bit of time on the internet and love a midnight snack. My favorite job is being a Gigi to the grandkids. We just love each other more than anything else.”


BRET CONNOR (5p-10p): For over 35 years, Bret has considered himself very lucky to be able to make a living in radio while loving it every day, and getting to play the greatest music of all time. He found his radio career in college at Boise State–getting credit for an internship in the communication department–and never looked back.  Bret loves golf, fishing, hiking, movies, and his wonderful wife and five grown kids. Bret says thanks for listening, and he hopes he can make your day that much better.


GREG BROWNING (10p-3a): For Greg, home life is all about family.  He and his wife have a 5-year-old who loves drawing, writing books, basketball, and Spiderman. Never a dull moment at the Browning home with their two dogs, ‘Gunther,’ a puggle, and ‘Oscar,’ a whippet terrier. Greg’s favorite time of the week is Sunday, having dinner with their parents. He’s a big fan of ‘Dateline’ on NBC, and trying new pizza restaurants.  He loves Classic Hits artists like The Doobie Brothers, Joe Cocker, Queen, Journey, and Lita Ford.