Newsradio KONP at 101.7 FM and 1450 AM in Port Angeles and 101.3 in Sequim, provides a live mix of community radio hosted by local on-air personalities along with a variety of syndicated national hosts. As an ABC affiliate, KONP broadcasts breaking national news every hour. We also feature play by play of Seattle Mariners baseball and, Seattle Seahawks and University of Washington Huskies football. Also catch Port Angeles High School Roughrider football and basketball play by play.

Program Schedule:

12:00:00 AM
                                                                                            Coast to Coast AM
01:00:00 AM
02:00:00 AM
 Kim Komando   Show
                                                     Jim Bohannon Show
         Best of Jim Bohannon
03:00:00 AM
04:00:00 AM
05:00:00 AM                                                America in the Morning      America This Week/Week In                              Review
06:00:00 AM
                         The Peninsula’s Morning News with Todd Ortloff
                                     The Morning Scramble (8:30 am)
      Weekends Around the NW
07:00:00 AM          Northwestern Outdoors           America This Week/Week                              In Review
08:00:00 AM              Road Worthy Drive                   Mayo Clinic Radio
09:00:00 AM
                                              Rush Limbaugh Show
            Kim Komando Show
                    The Money Pit
10:00:00 AM
11:00:00 AM     Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
12:00:00 PM                                     Noon News Hour w/ Todd Ortloff
    Everything Old Is New Again
           Our American Stories
               ABC’s Perspectives
01:00:00 PM                                             The Todd Ortloff Show  The Friday  Show                American Stories
02:00:00 PM
                                              Dave Ramsey Show
03:00:00 PM
               Handel on the Law
04:00:00 PM
                                Afternoon News with Pepper Fisher
               When Radio Was
05:00:00 PM
06:00:00 PM
                                            John Batchelor Show
               When Radio Was
07:00:00 PM
08:00:00 PM
09:00:00 PM
10:00:00 PM
                                             Coast to Coast AM
11:00:00 PM


Jim Bohannon (Tues-Sat) –website
2:00 AM 

America in the Morning –website
5:00 AM

The Peninsula’s Morning News
6:00 AM

Rush Limbaugh    –website
9:00 AM

Noon Information Hour
12:00 PM


Todd Ortloff Show – Upcoming Guests – Suggest an Interview
1:00 PM

Dave Ramsey –  website
2:00 PM

KONP Evening News with Pepper Fisher
4:00 PM

The John Batchelor Show – website
6:00 PM

Coast to Coast – website
10:00 PM

Saturday Schedule

Jim Bohannon website
2:00 AM

Week in Review
5:00 AM

Weekends Around the Northwest

6:00 AM


Northwestern Outdoors Radio
7:00 AM

Roadworthy Drive
8:00 AM

Kim Komando – website
9:00 AM


Best of Jim Bohannon website
12:00 PM

Everything Old Is New Again-


Handel on the Law website
3:00 PM

The John Batchelor Show – website
6:00 PM

Coast to Coast – website
10:00 PM

Sunday Schedule

Best of Jim Bohannon website

4:00 AM

ABC World News This Week / Week In Review
7:00 AM

The Money Pitwebsite
9:00 AM

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
11:00 AM

ABC Perspectives
12:00 PM

Best of Dave Ramsey –  website
1:00 PM

When Radio Was – 4 pm

Coast to Coast – website
10:00 PM