KELOWNA, B.C. – The Port Angeles Lefties played a lot more than baseball in Kelowna B.C. Tuesday afternoon. Some of them played hero when a group of players and coaches traveling in an SUV came upon the scene of a serious car accident. The vehicle had driven off the road near Chilliwack and was laying in the ditch spewing smoke.

Lefties Team Manager Darren Westergard says some of the players were asleep in the back of the van, so he woke them up and they jumped into action. Trapped inside the smoking vehicle was 67-year-old Kelowna resident Linda Jack. The players were able to get her out and grab most of her belongings before the car went up in flames.

After paramedics cleared Jack to leave the scene, the players offered her a ride home to Kelowna and delivered her to her front door. Coach Westergard:

Coincidentally, Jack is a baseball fan, and told the guys she’d be rooting for them from now on.

The team, who arrived at their game too late for warm-ups and batting practice,  lost to the Kelowna Falcons 6-2. Owner Matt Acker is clearly proud of his team.

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