The Space Needle in Seattle was forced to cancel their hugely popular fireworks show at their New Year celebration, the first time in 26 years the show has been canceled by bad weather.

After high winds forced the cancellation of the fireworks display, the Space Needle instead put on a laser light and music show at midnight to ring in 2020.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Space Needle said, “At both 11:45pm, and again at 1:45am last night, sustained average wind speeds in excess of 36mph and gusts up to 44mph were recorded at the top of the Space Needle. Those measurements are well beyond the average wind speed needed to safely proceed with a pyrotechnics display.”

They had hoped to light off the fireworks at 2 a.m. instead, but that display was also canceled due to weather. A spokesperson said it was impossible to contain fireworks debris from exiting the exclusion zone with winds that high.

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