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Kingsman franchise director Matthew Vaughn‘s upcoming espionage action comedy Argylle features stars of the human variety — including Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Bryce Dallas Howard and Oscar winner Sam Rockwell — but ever since the trailer debuted, their four-legged co-star has become a celebrity on his own.

Chip is the cute Scottish Fold kitty that appears in the movie as Alfie, who becomes an unwitting part of a global spy adventure, toted along in a stylish carrier, complete with a little domed window.

The cat graces the movie’s posters and stole the show at the movie’s recent London premiere.

The nepo fur baby is actually related to the director: He belongs to supermodel Claudia Schiffer, Vaughn’s wife.

And like many nepo stars, the kitty has cultivated an Instagram following and his own fashion line.

Chip has been named the creative director at the feline accessory company Travel Cat, which is now selling real-life versions of the Argyle-patterned carrier seen in the movie as well as other themed accessories, like harnesses and cat collars.

On the website, Chip explains some would say the movie is responsible for the tie-ins, “But honestly, this ready-to-wear collection, which is so good it should be a crime, could only come from one place: ME.”

“I’m so proud of what I did and whatever it was Travel Cat did to make my vision come to life. I’m sure they did something. Look around. Buy everything. Love it endlessly, and thank me profusely for it later,” he continues.

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