Stephanie and Amanda tackle your Friday with laughs, music, and sometimes a little something useful.  Get your weekend started right with The Girl Friday Show!



Amanda and Steph had a BLAST at the Angeles Rentals GRAND OPENING Celebration!  They got to sit down with CEO and President of Lumber Traders, Mr. Danny Steiger, about the new GORGEOUS Angeles Rentals, located on S.
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Friday, May 10th – To our Mommies…WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Steph and Amanda have two VERY special guests in studio today…their MOM’S!  Cindy Bacon and Patti Currie join us live IN STUDIO to talk about those little ragamuffins they raised, and what it’s like being a mom
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Friday, May 3rd – May the 4th Be With You…(tomorrow)

Amanda and Steph had a VERY special guest IN STUDIO today.  For National Space Day, Joey Lazzaro came in to talk about his time working for NASA…and several of the Apollo Missions!  He even brought in some
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Friday, April 26 – Oh Happy Day! Oh SHAPPIE Day!

We were so excited to have GUESTS in the Studio today for The Girl Friday Show!  The Shappie Family was in studio to talk about family, insurance, kids and barbie. If you are looking for a new
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Friday, April 19 – You stink real purdy!

Steph is BACK…and Amanda is happy!  The Girls are back together again…and they are so excited to talk GARLIC! Special guest Scooter Chapman is in studio to talk about the Duck Derby, and Rashell Herman joins us
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Friday, April 12 – Guuuurlll…Let’s talk TEA!

Kate Dexter, Doreen Northup and Amanda Bacon talk about Tea and Murder on this episode of “The Girl Friday Show!”
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Friday, April 5th – Let’s DANCE!

Amanda spins some tunes to make you dance, and get you through your mid day hump!
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Friday, March 29 – Vietnam War Veterans Day

Today on “The Girl Friday Show”, Amanda gets to interview a very dear friend about his time spent in the Vietnam War.  Rene Nadon now resides in Sequim.  He is a Scoutmaster, a husband, a father and
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